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The Andy Flegg Survival guide 
to losing your dog your dad and your dignity in 138 days
What is this book about?

The Andy Flegg Survival Guide is about an eleven year old boy called - you guessed it, Andy Flegg! Andy is desperate to get an Xbox but unfortunately for him, his parents decide that they won’t buy him one unless he keeps a  journal until his twelfth birthday, because they are worried he has become a reluctant writer - they are right, he has.

When weird thefts start occurring in his street, Andy starts to write about them so that his imaginary friend from the future will know what has happened. Then his father does something really bad, his dog gets very sick and Andy begins to discover some disturbing facts about getting older. As things rapidly go from bad to worse, Andy’s life soon becomes a disaster zone. But that’s okay because unless you are Andy most if it is hilariously funny.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is at primary school or who has already been through primary school and can relate to boring lessons, freaky teachers, falling in love, being bullied, having parent problems, having a pet dog or having a friend who eats frogs.

Where did you get the ideas for this story?

Although I think Andy is a great kid, he is not really me. He can’t be because because when I was a kid Xboxes hadn’t been invented . And I didn’t get any text messages from a secret admirer like Andy does because we didn’t’ even have mobile phones either!!!  It is true that some of the things that happen to Andy did come from my own childhood experiences. But more of them came from the kids that I’ve taught at school and probably even more of them just came out of nowhere.

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#top What is this book about?
Who is it for?
Where did you get the ideas for this story?
What do other people think of it?
Where can I get it?
Where can I get it?
What do other people think of it?

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‘The Andy Flegg Survival Guide is the perfect mixture of elements to win over pre-teen boys: truly hilarious one-liners, a brutally honest view of the perks and pitfalls of growing up, a charming insight into what happens when families fall apart, and a reminder that our view of people is almost certainly wrong.’ Books & Publishing

‘Readers will enjoy Andy’s voice, and also empathise with the pain of the quite traumatic events he experiences, a pleasing blend.’  Aussie Reviews

‘This is a wonderful read …recommended.’ Bug in a Book

‘Mark Pardoe has written an hilarious account of a young boy’s experience of the pains of growing up, at a time of extreme emotional upheaval.’  Creative Kids Tales

‘This novel develops into an upbeat study of tenaciousness and optimism in the face of unrelenting misfortune…Recommended for older primary and younger secondary readers of both sexes.’ Russ, Merrin, Magpie Reviews.