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Are you really sure there's nothing living in your toilet? Really, really sure? Positive?

What about that stuffed cat? Pretty sure it won't come alive in the night and completely freak you out?

Well, you have a lot to learn, because not only is your toilet full of creatures that enjoy making your mum yell at you, but also there are all sorts of weird and crazy possibilities out there ....

What is this book about?

Not Bog Standard is a collection of twelve weird, funny, spooky and hopefully memorable short stories about toilets, dead animals, friendly ghosts and a whole lot more!  

Who is it for?

Not Bog Standard is great fun for boys and girls between 8 and 12 years old but anyone who enjoys quirky stories will enjoy reading it too.

Where did you get the idea from?

A lot of the ideas came from real things that happened to me when I was a kid. For example the first story in the book is about a boy who discovers something living inside his toilet. When I was little I thought that too. In fact I was so worried about it sometimes I couldn’t sit down!

The story called Catty Gory is about a girl who is given a stuffed cat by her Uncle. But she soon goes off it when she discovers it’s not  quite as dead as she first thought. My grandmother had a very unfriendly cat that she also got stuffed when it died. Every time we went to see her I freaked myself out that the cat was going to come back to life and get me.  These days I prefer dogs.

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What do other people think of it?

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‘This book is great fun!’ Readplus

‘Ideal for the reader who likes their adventures wild and their stories weird. Recommended for middle primary and beyond.’

Aussie Reviews

This book was cleverly written and imaginative.. good book for those who like to be grossed out and entertained all at the same time!’ Bug in a Book

‘Humour, hallucinations, magic and imagination are strong elements of these entertaining stories.

Chloe Mauger Magpie reviews.

‘‘Funny, fast paced short stories.’ Faye Williamson, Book Reviews.

Where can I get it?

Not Bog Standard and other peculiar stories is in all good book shops and online book sites.

SHOP at Scholastic Australia’s website

#top What is this book about?
Who is it for?
Where did you get the ideas for the stories?
What do other people think of it?
Where can I get it?