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Mark Pardoe
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about Mark

Born during a wild thunderstorm on a small tropical island, I soon joined a crack team of thirteen adventurous babies who together escaped island life by building a  small raft constructed from the contents of a used nappy bin.

After being nappy-wrecked on the south coast of England, I parted ways with my fellow baby adventurers and  briefly took up with a family of wild badgers before eventually being adopted by a team of travelling lion tamers.  It was there in the lion cages that I spent my formative childhood years learning to love books, football and sharp sticks.

When I was old enough to realise that no one is supposed to live in a lion cage, and certainly not one exposed to the English climate, I built another solo nappy boat and sailed on to Australia.

There after trying out several proper jobs, I finally decided to become Primary School teacher, which is what I still do now when I’m not writing FICTIONAL stories for kids.

Don’t believe me or got a question about something else? Then contact me and I promise I’ll send you an answer.

I might even  put it up on my Q & A page if you’ve got a great question.